Cakes & Christmas Puddings

Hand made by Patty & Sarah “The English Cousins”, our Christmas puddings and Christmas cakes are made from a family recipe which dates back to 1910 discovered in an old handwritten recipe book which belonged to our great grandmother. We use only the best, wholesome ingredients in our cooking. All our cakes contain nuts.

Traditional English Christmas Cakes are made with rich, moist currants, sultanas (golden raisins) and raisins which have been soaked in rum. Baked with molasses, farm fresh eggs, butter, soft brown sugar, flour and spices to an old recipe that has been in the family for over 100 years.

Traditional English Christmas Puddings, originally called Plum Pudding, although it contains no plums: raisins and dried grapes were originally called plums. Traditionally served on Christmas Day. Puddings are available in 2 Pint and 1 Pint sizes.  Now nut free.

Plain Fruit Cakes, the same ingredients as the Christmas Cakes without the marzipan and icing!

Both Patty & Sarah now live in Rhode Island.